One And Two Are Too Few

Now is not the time to be stubborn
Such things should be forgotten
Cast them out into the sea
Avert the trail of misery
From which problems continue to flow
We all know it to be so
That is why we must try harder
Such a waste to be a race of martyr

To polarise is not the way
Doing so might just end the play
Bring about a great disaster
While speaking like a telecaster
Lying to those who dare to hope
Falsifying what was wrote
Just to bid the dawn of change
Twist it to something deranged

Passive as it all comes down
Under rubble we will drown
One foot forward is not enough
Two will still be a sign of fluff
Instead we stand still and hesitate
Like staring at the final gate
But falter now and nought will remain
All we know will turn to flame

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