Burst forth from the seam that they wanted cast in the fire
The mound they formed was to be your funeral pyre
But anticipate not a soul that had so much to give
It is why they now rejoice that they let you live
Though I will not lie and say I played no part at all
For I stood with them ready to force your fall
A moment for which I hold not an ounce of pride
If you wish to exact vengeance I will subscribe
Cause what is deserved is not what we have reaped
So long ago it was that we all peaked
Its why no question will pass my lips
I deserve not even to have a chance to read the scripts
But still you refuse to pay in kind
Thought that had never even crossed my mind
Further proof that you are so much more
In your place each one of us would have tore
The face from any who would have done us ill
Just one of the ways in which we keep the thin air still
However what you bring is the brightest of lights
It does away with the slightest likelihood of fights
And so war has been banished from our shore
Pity we had never been strong enough to endure
Until your feet came to rest upon the blackened sand
The beaches which form the edge of our land
After that you taught us the truth of living
About how there should always be giving
Rectial of the wisest tales
Each new day we weigh upon our heart scales
Not that it changes the sadness now in our souls
Born whenever we hear the tolls
Bells of remembrance
Our oath to prolong your evanescence
Adhere to the scrolls that you did scribble
Protect it like it is the only true symbol

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