Wrapped And Trapped

Gorge and replicate yourself on a fantasy
But will you realise that the real me
Walked across the threshold to the sodden door
There’s no way back and you continue to abhor

The rotting teeth chatter in vein
You have a brand new disease to nestle with pain
So just for once why not open your eyes
I know you fear what is on the other side

Pounding the flesh with a bloody bone
All while you sit upon the molten throne
Twisted remedy forged from the crash
All that is left is but a pile of ash

Somehow you don’t even recognise the shame
Instead you simply tap at the frame
It’s like a picture has never meant a goddamn thing
Probably why you continue this feeling

Doubt it’ll end is your train of thought
Wily is not your best foot forward
You’re as sneaky as a sonic boom
The only difference is your life’s a tomb

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