I see the lies in the mirror that I want to believe
I’ll ignore the reality just to fund the ease
Cause when all is said and done and I’m through
No part of me wants to be like any of you

I look for a new bridge to link to the land
Instead all I see is how deep is the quicksand
Probably should have checked before I fled
But that wouldn’t have been a thought in my head

I mount the pressure as it’s just the way that I am
A strange thing to admit when I’m lost in the ocean
But as the last wave crashes over my head
I look to the deep and wonder what I bid

I need to own up and inform all that remain
That I am staring like I have nothing to gain
While at the back of my head I know it’s lie
Cause all of this resides in my mind’s eye

I push for the pain just to feel something less
Curiosity is the first failure in this test
While probing the dark I found limitless light
How is it that I took so long to end the fight?

I spout so many words I forget what I say
Somewhere along this road I became entity
That is why this will be the last little bit
Cause after this line I need to drift while I sit

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