Hands are empty and here I stand
What happened to shift the land?
One day we were as thick as thieves
The next you couldn’t even look at me
Rather you would simply glare
Or pretend I wasn’t even there

You cut the bond and fake you’re clean
Act as though you’re never mean
But finally I have seen the truth
Ripped me open with no excuse
Then simply just walked away
For that there will be no you and me

Still you stare with eyes like daggers
To make amends feels so savage
Won’t listen to a single word
Each one of them I know you heard
Instead you feign Im just a ghost
To new friends you now boast

Why can’t you just leave me be?
Not someone I wish to see
Had your chances and now they’re gone
Reason why our relationship is done
So take the hint and get clear
I want you to stay out of here

Well you gave in so I do too
This bitter conclusion rest with you
Too childish to say a thing
Just threw what we had in the bin
So pleased to be free from this
Words uttered by both sides of the madness

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