Back From The Dead

I’m back again to be the real monster you think I am
Before you just made me out to be something that should see a ban
But times have changed and I’ll make it clear to you
When you swing my way they’ll be an axe waiting too
You had your chance and now I see no point in letting you lie
Rather be caged than know you’ll play victim and fake cry
So get your things sorted and prepare for the judgement
I’ve never been kind so know that they’ll be no comfort
So you wanted the bull well now you’ll get the gun
A bullet for each and every life you’ve undone
Think I’m cruel, well that ship has sailed
You don’t get the chance to end up jailed
Too much time has passed since that day
Hence why you’ll be thrown so far away
And while you try and work out why I’m familiar
Remember that it is you who is the killer
Suddenly you realise where you know me from
I’m a mirror of what you have done
Standing strong and ready to strike
Now is the time where you get to say goodnight
No speeches or chances to even beg
Say Au revoir to your pretty head

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