Bitter From Near The Beginning

We had our fun but now it’s through
I can’t even stand the sight of you
The scars on my back speak all the truth
Those are marks you refuse to accept as proof
Not to say that it wasn’t good
We both couldn’t stop when we should
It’s why we are now at odds
I hate you and you want blood
But before the descent our worlds did spin
If only that hadn’t been the fin
The point at which we both turned bad
Determined to make the other so sad
A litany of stupid childish games
Neither of us stayed out of the flames
Dived right in just to take a shot
Like we were both high on some pot
Ignorant to the descent that we made
Fashioned it out of the time that we paid
Until all that was left was the rotting pit
This is why we both should admit
We are the problem for our opposite
Addicts fixated on this infinite
So I’ll go my way and you go yours
Otherwise we’ll both end up under the floors

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