Tear down all that came before
The people love to call you whore
Progress is a key for the lock
One that they wish to block
But violence is never the answer
It just spreads like a cancer
Both should be rooted out
These are words you must shout
Alert the masses to something brighter
Though you are the definition of outsider

What came before will again
Demons reside deep inside the den
Gathered to attack once more
Walk right through the open door
Eviscerate all that has been done
Break it down until there is none
Mark these words and hold them close
Pay no mind to how they are verbose
It’s still a warning you should heed
Unless those monsters you wish to feed

Know the truth and know it well
Don’t let the world fall under the spell
You have driven change and made it grow
To give in now would be a sad show
And who would have ever thought
That the outsider could not be bought
Forge what once was believed impossible
Bridged the void and made it crossable
All that is down to who you are
Only reason that society has got so far

Believe in who you are and will be
One to set all of humanity free
The names and titles have all faded
Much like all those who had once been jaded
In their place thrives the future
No need for an eternal suture
Medication that will get us through
Gift that was provided by you
So hold your place at our ships helm
For this is the most perfect kind of realm

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