Internal Insurrection

Sometimes my darkness is too much.
I overdose on emotional rough.
Stare through eyes as black as can be.
Desperate for the light to shine on me.
Its why I have to walk away.
Find some peace and vent the severity.
Claw my way out of the trench.

I’m not alone so its time to tell the truth.
Better than me pointing to the proof.
Getting it out will lift the weight free.
Give you a chance to consider properly.
What could be better than that?
No a magic bullet won’t change the fact.
It takes time to start afresh.

Don’t back out and go shy.
What you feel is still in me.
But you can dig yourself out.
Do not focus on all your doubt.
It wants its tendrils nice and deep.
That section will always claim your weak.
Tempt you with the aide of pain.
The human brain is truly insane.
And the modern world is bearing down.
Doesn’t mean you have to frown.
Take it all upon your shoulders.
None of us are world holders.
Capable of resisting the crush.
Yes I know about the distinctive rush.
Its just a part of its arsenal.
Trying to shred you down to a particle.

Not going to say it will ever been fully gone.
Doing so would be oh so wrong.
Its takes balance and a lifetime.
To be able to deal with it and shine.
But the achievement is beyond compare.
Stare back at the misery and glare.
We can all prevail here.

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