Tools Of Future Oppression

You are ordered to reveal where you stand.
Comply with the issued command.
Those two lines I dread to hear.
If they find me now I’ll be split from front to rear.
Mercy is not something that they possess.
They simply carry out orders without redress.
Seen it before so many times.
Mechanical servants that commit crimes.
But law states machines are exempt.
Can’t perform an act of hate or violence.
Its how corporations enforce their will.
And if you speak out of turn it’ll be you that they kill.
Money talks loudest and its more like a scream.
Its why no one believes in a national dream.
None of that helps as I am trapped.
Stuck in a corner soon to be capped.

These machines fit the name robot so well.
Skeletal bones without a mortal shell.
Voice so synthetic that it chills to the bone.
If only they hadn’t jammed the phone.
I might have been able to call for a ride.
Have a chance to get out of this alive.
Then I heard the announcement so clear.
The chilling sound filled my ear.
Raising my head I was met with steel.
A second later I tried to make a deal.
Too little too late and the trigger was pulled.
Before I could react my world was dulled.
I am death and it has now become me.
That is why I now lie as flat as can be.
Surrounded by a pool of blood that’s growing wider.
This is the norm and a daily reminder.

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