Mother’s Wail

Lashing on the window pane.
Alongside the drip, drip, drip of rain.
Howling winds screech like a beast.
Akin to that which yearns to feast.
Severity is never lacking.
It’s like the Gods teeth could be chattering.
And shelter always seems so far away.
It’s why you feel the sting upon today.
Soaked through to your very core.
Thankfully there’s no angry roar.
Cause if rumbles and flashes come…
It might spell a coming undone.
And in this eve of extreme weather.
I’d rather be left with a respite clever.
An eye at the storms centre.
The place where you will wish for peace forever.
The calm will be fleeting.
And once its over returns the beating.
Tearing gales that cut right through,
Clearing out all of you.
It lasts so long you think it might become eternal.
So rest your head and ignore its burble.
Even though it is in some way soothing.
Rest is not the same as snoozing.
And we all need a good night of slumber.
If we fail then maybe the storm will tear us asunder.

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