Babylon’s No More

Fires so wrong.
Green turned to ash.
All for some cash.

Broke the promise of the dream.
All to increase your income stream.
Now the streets are shattered.
Lives lie in shreds and tatters.
Is this what you did intend?
No thought did you use to comprehend,
That what you breed is pure disaster.
Every word you speak is manufactured.

Smile so wide your face might split.
If only that was the truth of it.
Made up claims about some souls.
Each new one to further goals.
Stupidity been brought to bear.
You are the vilest of those that might come here.
Think it cruel while I think it true.
I do so hope the monsters come for you.

Its all gone.
Peace and life.
Sold to strife.

And I could say, I told you so.
Doing that would not, help you though.
Not that I’m here to, fix this hell.
So much is gone this place is but a shell.

Your paradise is lost.
You ignored the cost.
Toll does rise higher.
Ascending like a spire.
Still doomed to be fallen.
Innocent voices calling.
From their shallow graves.
They only lived as slaves.

Fires so strong.
Nothing but ash.
Ugly like a gash.

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