Tragic Tale Of Jane

Jane is, at the bottle again.
Her life, is not what she should be living.
Days filled, with abject boredom.
Cause all her, friends are stuck on nothing.
So she, calls a preist on the phone.
Naivety, has never been bleached from her bones.
Then comes, the charge at the end.
She swears then that religions a trend.
Heathen, is the cry in her ear.
She spits, this fake has no idea.
And that she, wishes she sold out to sex.
So many do, and seem to prosper with it.
In that, moment a spark is lit.
Her conclusion, is to leap in that pit.
Damn her, worries and fears.
They can’t, keep her for the rest of her years.
So she, packs up all of her things.
Few of them, will she actually bring.
Her cares gone, feels like a new beginning.
Its why she, is still widely grinning.

Years pass, but the void is the same.
She found, fame but stayed in the game.
Her balance, has never been low.
Though she feels, like she’s dying slow.
Cause her world, is built on deception.
And each day, brings only rejection.
For her truths, were all just more lies.
And her body, has been morgaged to buyers.
But her mind, couldn’t take all the pain.
So she turned, back to drinking again.
In turn, Jane’s cashflow did shrink.
Then in swarmed, the sharks in the drink.
She smelled, of easy meat to pick clean.
In that moment, Jane realised the death of her dream.
Sad tale, been repeated countless more times.
And not one will ever survive.
So now she, simply sits in the dark.
Reliance on, her former assistant called Clark.
A man who, helps feed her addiction.
All because he, gets to live out his fiction.

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