Upon The Rack

Ropes on my wrists that cut through my clothes,
Protection not offered is just how it goes.
Cause I’m not meant to be comfortable for the future.
What is on offer is a simple form a torture.

Punishment rendered unto me,
From the condemnation I cannot flee.

Tied round the ankles and ready to scream,
Soon will start the pulling stream.
Stretched to a point that is beyond breaking,
No ounce of pain will I be faking.

Punishment is mine you see,
What I did deserves this misery.

You may ask my crime and think it wrong.
I swear now it was a long time coming.
That’s not to say I want this to occur.
I’d rather be far away from here.
But reality does not work that way.
I caused sorrow so must pay.
It’s why I offer no resistance.
To all of the insistence,
Of me being upon this rack.
I will remain here until I crack.
Not just my bones but also my mind.
This is my sentence for my crime.

Punishment rendered unto me,
From the condemnation I did not flee.
Punishment was mine you now see,
What I did deserved this misery.

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