Growing Pains

Violence is not a state of mind;
It is an affliction that’s most unkind.
Release the pain and set it free;
If you don’t you’ll drown in negativity.

These are words to commit to memory.
Say this before you count to three.
You have no reason to beat yourself.
That will never save your health.
And shortening days is a crime.
Don’t fall into that pit of slime.
Its viscous and drains your will.
Makes you want to say you’ve had your fill.
But truth is once conquered it does get easier.
Not saying simple cause that would be sleazier;
A lie scrawled that will always be proven.
What I say is you should just keep moving.

Pain is not a drug to take;
Overindulge and you will break.
So find an outlet and release;
Ultimately it will bring you peace.

Not a declaration to say its wrong.
We all suffer through many somethings.
But reliance on the emotion is cruel.
It’ll turn you to a ghoul.
That’s why you should face its truth.
Work through it like a sleuth.
Cause easy is not a word you should consider.
If you do it could turn you bitter.
Instead just accept that things aren’t right.
That alone will give you a wish to bite;
Tear out and move past what seems like a cage.
Once done it’ll feel like you’ve turned the page.

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