Every word is so fake.
Wish you’d give it a break.
Jaw is always a flapping.
Its like you’re endlessly rapping.

Noise burrows into my brain.
All of it is such a drain.
And with nothing else to hear,
I know I need to get out fast my dear.

Cause you’ll be the death of me.
That’s not how it’s supposed to be.
We were supposed to be perfectly aligned.
Not end up with a cracking on my mind.

But still you refuse to see,
That what you’re doing is breeding insanity.
Which is why I’m so close to gone.
Sad to say that you don’t see it’s wrong.

So I wield the knife and cut.
A right action says my gut.
For I need time to reconvene.
Be detatched from all you scream.

If I don’t then I’ll be going down.
Not something I wish to suffer now.
Which is why I send this out to you.
This way my location you’ll have no clue.

Maybe you’ll realise what you put me through.
And shift your focus from your point of view.
I can always hope that’s true.
But truly I have no clue, if we’ll ever rejoin as two.

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