Scramble And Roar

I took the idol and ran for my life.
Sick of being here without a guide.
The light is so dark it might as well be night.
Nothing makes sense when you’re deep in the fight.
So take my hand and just speak to me.
I’m not some demon like they claim me to be.
Stitches and scars are most evident.
But that doesn’t make life a sacrement.
As we all have time that we never can fill.
It might be short and fleeting but its too still.
So open your arms and scream out loud.
Whatever came before doesn’t mean we’re proud.

Stand on the cliff but don’t look down.
What’s on my head isn’t really a crown.
Too much strain may crack all of the mirrors.
And I chuckle at claims of being the biggest of sinners.
Howdy-do but the response is mute.
Get better answers from a rotten root.
My head is pounding from all of the quiet.
Rather be out in the middle of a riot.
Fat chance of that with all of these sheep.
All they do is go bleet bleet bleet.
Makes me think that our time will soon be up.
If that’s true then I might as well cut.

Pound on the concrete and scream to the breeze.
Seconds that pass by will soon just freeze.
I sound so insane when I ramble as I please.
But that doesn’t mean that it comes forth with ease.
For moments are hardest when focus is strong.
You may think me stupid and claim that I’m wrong.
Shrug is my answer to the words you have said.
Along with claims that I should go back to bed.
Cause why does it matter one way or two?
I nod and I answer just like you want me to.
So get off my back and let me carry on.
I might even twist some words into song.

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