Don’t Listen

Carve a path that is entirely my own.
I’ll make it lead right back to home.
Cause when I’m done I will prevail,
Just going to ignore your chants to fail.
I’m me and refuse to bend to your level.
My victory will be all that I revel.

Weave a thread that means most to me.
It will pass through all your negativity.
Acknowledge none of what you like to spit,
Each phrase is likely bathed in hatred.
Not something I intend to endure.
My world is the vaccine and cure.

Roll down the tracks that come from my hand.
This is what haters cannot stand.
Not that I care what any of them think,
More focused on what joys I can drink.
Taking in all the beauty.
Positivity will drown out the snooty.

Retired upon my bountiful shores.
Still oblivious to the bores.
They whine and spit all just the same,
Never satisfied you won’t play their game.
Which is why I stick to my own road.
That way they could never reach me and goad.

So if you want the same for you.
Bid all the voices adieu.
None of them will bring joy.
If they claim so its just a ploy.
Cause the choice resides inside you.
Just like me, follow it and you’ll prosper through.

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