This Is Right

It’s a long way down but don’t feel fear.
This is one big slide to take you from there to here.
Don’t overthink and you’ll be just fine.
After all you have plenty of time.

Get your hands up high and scream.
It’s supposed to be fun so don’t feel guilty if you beam.
Just remember that it’s the ride of your life.
Don’t overthink and cause yourself strife.

Decisions are not a command, you hear?
Things shift and you are always able to steer.
So stay open and do what you can.
There isn’t an impending lifetime ban.

Not much more I can say to be true.
Only that you need to remember this lifes for you.
Rollercoaster as it may sometimes be.
If you get overwhelmed count to three.

No judgement here and that is a fact.
And this world of yours can always be patched.
Reformed into what matters most.
Raise your hand and deliver the toast.

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