I hit the wall yet again today.
Wish the feeling would just go away.
Tired of getting this wave washing over me.
Its so strong I think I might fail to see,
Past the shroud thats over my face.
No body for me to embrace.
Just a single soul in an empty zone,
Which is why all I want to do is go home.

I wish it was that simple to achieve.
Every second of the day I have no reprieve.
Stuck in my head and it just keeps spinning.
Then come the chants about me winning.
None help and I need them to go.
If they don’t I’ll end up so-so.
With a brain that just won’t stop.
If that transpires I might blow my top.

Drift along my version of the maginot line.
Each second that passes feels benign.
A lost moment that should not be.
So I count one, two, three.
Yet still the pain remains.
Got a feeling I might go down in flames.
Not something that I want to admit.
Still can’t argue that its a real prospect.

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