Time waits for no man.
Stretch out your open hand.
Welcome in the new age.
Don’t get stuck on one page.

Cause life is short and it’s worth living;
One day you’re young and the next you’re giving…
Advice to your teenage kids.
And no there is no taking bids;
On what’ll succeed and what’ll fail.
All that matters is too prevail.
Live the best damn life that you can achieve.
All so when it’s your time to leave…
You can say it was yours and you have no regrets.
It was never about all the assets.
Knowledge and experience matter more.
Everything else is just left at the door.
So if you’re happy and smiling wide;
Then you are on the victorious ride.
Remember the joys, the grins, the laughter.
They are what continues in the hereafter.

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