Fighting Through

Ball my fists and raise them up.
Preparation for the snub.
Slice aimed to severely wound.
In this place hope feels doomed.
But call me stubborn, call me dumb.
I refuse to turn and run.
Fought this far and I’ll do more.
All to get through the door.
Beyond which peace does lie,
It’s where serenity can never die.
Might sound too good to be true,
But I’ll take it over this and you.
Cause I’ve been beaten down and strung out;
Since all that I have no doubt,
That these ways are not for me,
With my actions I’ll make you see.
Not that I think you’ll sit and watch.
As all you want is to earn a notch.
Upon the belt you wear so proud.
And put on show to any crowd.
But behind closed doors it is a tool,
You use it to be so cruel.
Lash out and make us limp.
Scream about how we are wimps.
No longer could I bear the noise,
Or your lack of decorum and poise.
So I challenge you to be a man.
Not simply act like you think you can.
Though you should know I’ll get through.
I’ll survive this, them and you.
So don’t believe that you have won.
For my fight has only just begun.

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