Our New Dawn

Hearing the crack of the whip,
Feels like I might soon slip.
Never forget from where you came.
Some will make every day a game.

Rejection is but a piece in the puzzle.
There are some in need of a muzzle.
For they wish ill upon the masses.
Believing they deserve free passes.
Pilfer and propser under a banner.
Title best suiting would be scammer.

Feeling the cut of the air,
Pleased that I’m not right there.
Opression is a commonplace crime.
It’s where treatment is equal to grime.

Realign so that you may break.
Get out of anothers hellscape.
Cause the demons will never die.
Their departure is just a lie.
Plotting is what they continue to push.
Be careful or you’ll be turned to mush.

Disconnect and shift across a plain.
Too many are fixated on new forms of fame.
Building narratives to resculpt thier madness.
Attempts to hide all of the inflicted sadness.
But that doesn’t mean we must conform.
Writhe from the rubble and be reborn.
This bright light leads to our new dawn.

No more violence.
Natural silence.
End to the pain.
Peace for my brain.
Future not fracture.
Devoid of disaster.

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