Mount the horses and storm the gate!
Why is it we burn all that we create?
Whether it be nations or relations.
Everything succumbs to annihilations.
Starting to think we’re bred for destruction.
Pity we can’t stop that obsession.
Talk a while and work things out.
Not resort to wanting a bout.
To dance around the mortal ring.
Never does it achieve a positive thing.
Blood and bodies blanket the ground.
Upon them we have built all for which we stand.
Don’t be coy or try to lie;
Might as well admit that humanity deserves to fry.
Too often we learn nothing from our mistakes.
Rather we are obsessed to continue to take.
Strip the world and call ourselves civilised.
The reflection of our evil apparently a surprise.
Only cause we continue to butcher the truth.
Look around and you’ll see all the proof.
So don’t attempt to paint yourself as the saint.
More likely you, like me, are the ain’t.
Species filled with insanity and rage.
If only we were locked within a cage.
Then maybe we might learn to be civil.
Not consistently spout such hypocritical drivel.

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