Cycles Intact

What is all of the obsession,
With making people a possession?
Don’t you get that a person is not a thing.
What they are is a human being.
They get to make the choices that they wish.
Not be used and twisted until they become like fish;
Stuck upon your crooked rusty hook.
Starting to think people need to read a book.
Its called the law and common sense,
Instead of living in fictional defence.
Spouting words and claims of freedom,
While what they live is utter treason,
To the very words they do speak,
Truth is so many of these souls are weak.
They preach but yet refuse to practice.
It’s why they like to look proactive.
Illusion shrouded in misdirection;
Time to cut out all of the infection.
Let the rot wither and die.
Move to a point where there are no victims which need to cry.
Cause society would then be so much better.
If it was not fixated on repeating the same error.

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