Hashtag another trend.
A concept you can’t comprehend.
You view this as a cause.
Fresh one you want into law.
Beat the game and make it stick.
Then a new fad makes you flick.
Change your focus and your will.
Problem that afflicts you still.

Hashtag til the end!
Artificial in how you spend,
Time protesting to the aether.
Every word is getting cheaper.
No conviction just an excuse.
All causes you do reduce.
Melt them down to a stew.
Nothing do you believe in too.

Hashtag, what a common lie.
Now you’re throat is running dry.
From all the views you never held.
Each one of them you felled.
Abandoned for the next protest.
About time you confessed.
You have no drive for any thing.
Just want to be seen as joining in.

Hashtag, no its goodbye.
Time to let these false declarations die.
Never believed a word that was said.
Raised a flag to try and get ahead.
Have an excuse to do as you please.
Thought that would make life a breeze.
You’re not alone it should be said.
Whole generation pretending not to be dead.

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