Paced Out

I walked to the woods for a change of pace.
Everything around me conveyed so much space.
But my mind did not wander and roam oh so free.
Instead I did fester in the darkest part of me.
What a state to be trapped in when beauty surrounds.
A period most concerning to which I seem bound.
For this world is a car crash and we the debris.
If we screech too loud we’ll be collected with glee.
Shovelled into bins and then dumped in a pile.
If that were to happen then we’d have no smile.
So hush your voices and keep your volume down.
I for one don’t want to wear the tragedy crown.
It’s ringed with thorns and has a tendency to slip.
Rather be left to bite upon my bottom lip.
Pain would be less much like the brutality.
These are all things that I admit terrify me.
So once I return I will lock all the doors.
Rather be left to glare then face all my flaws.
Consideration has become a lost art of truth.
So much of life seems to have become a spoof.
Mirror of what should have been reality.
I do not want to hear anyone speaking down to me.
An affliction that has grown fifteen heads.
Sounds like someone has been skipping their meds.
It might be me, him or they to be honest.
Then again was there ever a single thing promised?
Gut reaction leans toward pointless.
Time for a snooze which might get it through us.
Yet still no decision has actually been made.
Sick of this which seems forever overplayed.
That is why I roamed around in the woods.
Desperate to one day get a hold of the goods.
A positive shift out of the days filled with grey.
When it happens I will be transported so far away.
Capable of glancing from a brand new angle.
No longer left with commands to strangle.
Once more I will take that route through the trees.
This time I smile when I hear the buzz of the bees.

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