Faceless Pseudonyms

Anonymous is so incongruous,
But is that even right to say?
Not sure but I wish it to be that way.
Cause too many hide behind a mask.
Feels like going from first to last.
Lagging at the back of the line.
Every word I say be dubbed a crime.
With no one real to back a point.
Everything is starting to disjoint.
Juxtapose against what it once was,
And all for a: just because.
Don’t you think that sounds off?
I know some of you might scoff.
Berate me for being out of touch.
Well if this is reality its got too much.
Derailed and slammed into a wall.
In desperate need of a withdrawal.
Reset performed upon the masses.
Far too many have been given free passes.
Allowed to twist and lie to win.
Ignorance has become the dumbest sin.
Blooming all around the world.
Upon this bonfire this should be hurled.
My opinion and not well loved.
It’s why I know I will soon be shoved.
Banished to the darkest corner.
Where everyone will dub me the mourner.
Out of touch and out of time.
Never let me speak another line.
But still it doesn’t change the fact.
That faceless pseudonyms have been backed.
For far too long and without reprieve.
I feel there is no one left to believe.
Anonymous is so incongruous.

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