Smile from ear to somewhere close to here.
Eyes like rainbows that refuse to quit.
Not sure if this is what we should be doing dear.
People will not leave me with permit.
All they want is to stick their oar in.
Sick of hearing the words they’re espousing.
Each line is a little more boring.
To make matters worse they’ve started shouting.
Taken to reaching unto me about how I’m being used.
Claim they have proof that you’re bad news.
Wonder how they’d feel about being accused?
Doubt they’d like that to be what others choose.

Can hear them outside endlessly mouthing.
Ripping the door open I’ll give them a reason to run.
“Sick of all you doing this whispered gathering,
You might think it’s right but it’s lies you’ve spun.
Want a piece of happiness then find it yourselves,
No need to spit on what we have.
Yet you won’t cause you’re stuck on shelves.
Compass in hand that offers no nav.”
In response they all shuffle and disperse.
No apologies are presented unto us.
Their continued behaviour makes this worse.
Maybe we should take a ride on a bus.

We fled but you didn’t agree with me.
Thought we should have remained.
But I was sick of them demanding I agree.
And they were never going to be constrained.
Spreading lies is all they knew how to do.
Happiness does not require them.
Now we can do as we wish and grow.
There’s nobody left to condemn,
Besmirch your name like I’m not aware.
Did they forget that I played a part?
Hell, I was even stood right there.
Shows none of them were particularly smart.

Years later and we are at peace.
You and I continued to share,
And our bond never did release.
Outcome was better than any prayer.
Laughing about all the madness of ‘home.’
Remembering how neighbours did chatter.
Couldn’t even keep it confined to the phone.
If only they knew of the manufactured plot we did shatter.
Matters little for few will remain.
Most will be in permanent lying.
They really thought this was a game.
Bet if they saw us now they would regret prying.

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