Discard The Mold

Welcome glory and all its light.
Never will it be too bright.
Sectioned mind with plenty of space.
Whatever you want I refuse disgrace.
Bullying words meant to wither and bend.
All those statements have been condemned.
Patronise but still I will plough forward.
The future has not been preordered.
So do your worst and witness the effects.
Once I’m done you’ll need to be checked.
Burns will marks you from my words.
Too often the masses around me flock like birds.

Disaster is not written into stone.
I will ascend up to my throne.
Fractured links will not bring an end.
My opinions I will continue to defend.
Call me wrong but you are worse.
Everything needs to be risk averse.
Fun has been quarterised to the bone.
Many souls have changed to lying prone.
No chance in that I will partake.
Decisions were on you to mistake.
Instead I shall build my world.
Not be trapped in a cage that will be hurled.

Majority does not means its right.
People do pick the wrong fight.
Forced on stage is not the life for me.
Need some space so I can simply be.
Prods and probes are not the solution.
All they do is breed greater confusion.
It’s why I am better without the noise.
That way I retain all of my poise.
Sounds wrong to you but I don’t care.
The rest of you are only just about there.
Spirits pretending to be corporeal.
Not a trap into which I ever wish to fall.

Blaze a trail that is your own.
Discount all the shade which is thrown.
Meld your head however you please.
Leave the instructions out to freeze.
I know best for I have to live with me.
Outsiders disallowed will never get a key.
So keep your actions to yourself.
I’m only focused on my mental health.
Will let the toxicity run through the damned.
Same souls who gave in to be scammed.
People determined to morph so they fit.
Never want to be one who sells out for it.

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