The Seven

Anger is all we get from you.
Every word is violence that you spew.
Calm demeanour has never been here.
You strike the match, light the fuse and hit an explosive tier.

Lounge about is your way.
Sloth is what you do embody.
Can’t say that there’s a care at all;
The things you do stain your name from rise to fall.

Envious of what others possess.
It’s like a game of rigged chess.
At no point do you feel your enough.
Rather you want to accumulate everyone’s qualities and stuff.

Greed is what runs right through.
A desperate need to gather it for you.
No matter what you won’t ever quit.
Wealth and power our the pinnacles of life’s gambit.

Stuff your face ’til its a smear.
All this food is so severe.
A desperate habit to feed your gut;
One day soon your house door won’t even shut.

Achievements you can’t lay to bed.
Like to brag about how your ahead.
To you they all mean the world,
And all other feats must be damned to the underworld.

Then there’s lust which you do well.
Each new day you feel the swell.
Ravenous demand to claim all you meet.
Your hunger has only ever been the best treat.

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