Choice Blind

You wanted bustle and that’s what you have now.
Leading us around like a headless zombie cow.
Wish I could lie and say things will improve.
Each day results in another thoughtless move.
Sanctioned by madness with a beat of the drum.
It’s like you want this place to become a slum.
Empty borders with bodies piled high.
Listen to us is the dying cry.

Obsessed with the few to whom you bow.
All this suffering is what you did allow.
Frayed cords will not suspend the dread.
This state is turning the darkest red.
Polarise the masses without a care.
No way will you admit to causing despair.
Arrogant and blind you’re fixed on lies.
Hence why you are so despised.

Brittle are the backs of the many who break.
Under these stars you we do forsake;
Crushed under mountains you are the cause.
Too busy blabbing to acknolwedge your flaws.
Outline of sin you damned all you could.
Never did you think if you should.
Names attached to those departed.
Proof you are so black hearted.

Woven from dirt you think you’re a king.
Not sure if you’re even a human being.
Blind and stubborn you have not a clue.
If you’re not careful we’ll be coming for you.
For complicity in death makes you the killer.
At no point would you be considered a pillar.
Authority of soot, your morals are spent.
Pity you don’t know how to repent.

Branded and labelled as you deserve.
Worst of the bile that we can observe.
Joke if you must but it won’t change a thing.
All your mistakes you believe you can wring.
To take your place sat amongst the greats.
No one will let you through those gates.
Bankrupt and ruined will be your name.
Outplayed yourself in your own dumb game.

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