Dimension Unintention

Interconnection across the dimension.
None of this was down to intention.
Strands that should have been left to fray.
What has continued needs to be cast away.
Markers from which more lives can fade.
Through the oily waters we all do wade.
Drowning in the madness of victory.
Lost sight on the lessons of history.
Jokers are the rulers above kings.
Do you hear the beating leather wings?
Realm where the import cannot be settled.
All the flowers are not pettled.
State of dismay you wish to ignore.
Try it and you will sink through the floor.
Cause this place might be a fable.
Let me give you the blade to cut the cable.
Distance us from the echoes corrupt.
The laws of reality is what does instruct.
Listen to the words as they come.
Otherwise everything is undone.
Duplication ends in blackhole.
Not something that should be made a goal.
Warped by the melancholy of a tie.
It is the source to embed a lie.
Don’t speak tongues you don’t believe.
Too few of us will be left to grieve.
So lend your hand but not to be bitten.
Severing the links can fix the system.
Binds that tie cannot be left intact.
All realities have to exist with that.
Soon the hour of none will come to toll.
Offer up the limited content bowl.
This universe without the excess.
To this win we can all confess.
Saviours declaring without duress.
This is how we undid all this.

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