Real For Me

Have you ever seen the beautiful end?
I’m not speaking of mortalities trend.
Look up high with eyes pressed closed.
Can you see a wondrous cove?
I know I can and its where I’ll lay,
My head upon a rock each new day.
As searching dimensions is not a thing of ease.
Far too many are inflicted by greeds disease.
But this place into which I step,
It is not afflicted one little bit.
So here I am and here I’ll stay.
Let all the other worlds fall away.

Progress is not a necessary root.
Quite too often it ends up being moot.
With a patchwork heart empty and cold.
The only thing it brings is back the old,
Point of view with which I don’t agree.
My purpose here is to remain most free.
Remain detached from the petty storms.
None of them are worth their putrid forms.
So from disaster I keep a distance.
Always this will be my insistence.
Not up for discussion or debate.
You can keep every ounce of your hate.

Prize of perfection is the success in failure.
As nature will never demand my favour.
Bitter truth you may refuse to speak.
Appreciation does not make me weak.
I carve the path that suits me well.
This island paradise in which I dwell.
Imagination sat atop the mind.
In this place every fibre is so kind.
No drama and no warring souls.
Never barbarity like heads on poles.
Just serenity which means the most.
In this place I’ll remain ’til I ghost.

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