Opposing Side That Suffers

Off the charts and under duress.
Where is the button that I can press?
End the stifling heat of oppression.
Feels as if I might soon be melting,
Down to a puddle or ashen remains.
None of these things I wish to sustain.
While my world is crashing around, see?
Suffering has found and won’t renounce me.
I’m a single being trapped inside the storm.
Fire rages making me wish I was not born.
Truth is the choice was never to be mine.
But don’t say everything will be fine.
You are the cause and not surrounded by death.
Doubt you even know what is it you did.
Must be nice to have so few cares.
Once I join the rest I’ll come haunt you their.
Show you the error without the redemption.
You are unworthy of a single mention.
A name in the dirt where you deserve to remain.
So sick and twisted with your demands to explain.
How guilty is not how you should be viewed.
Horrific lies to which you are glued.
I hope the adhesive contains poison.
And that you’ll soon be jonesing.
Yet truth is I will never be heard.
If I was it would be absurd.
For I am a beast in the eyes of man.
Still you are the ones who show no plan,
While you continue to exploit and breed the decay.
One day it will all turn to grey.
Then what you dumb selfish lot?
Cause currently you too will suffer this rot.
So fix your failings;
Sincerely from animals to human beings.

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