Do You

Do you remember the last time you smiled for real?
Do you recall when pain wasn’t knocking at your door?
It seems like you have become so saturated.
Inflamed by a need to feel like light is confiscated.
Yet for who are you sticking to this road?
Is that what those departed would have wanted?
I know your answer might be yes,
But is that just reflex?
Think deep and consider long.
Might lead you to a realisation.
That you don’t have to suffer for your “sins.”
You are among us human beings.
Everyone has regrets which pull.
The knack is to let them go.
Not an easy trick to learn,
Though it’s much better than the burn.
Clinging to your faded memories of misery.
They are not the same as they were yesterday.
But if you open up and ask for aid.
Such actions won’t see you be flayed.
Though you are the only one who can start the journey.
It matters little if you’re legs are weak.
With help you can conquer all that runs deep,
And if you don’t then that’s on you.
We’ll be waiting here encase you come around too.

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