If I hear banter one more time I think I’m gonna scream.
Its like I’m trapped in a dull endless dream.
So much fascination with filling air.
Oh I swear; please stay there.

Conformity is not necessarily about giving in.
Society has laws and for good reason.
Unless you want anarchy to prevail.
If that’s you then here is where I bail.

Polish a turd but it won’t become a gem.
Sick of spinning round without an end.
Shift perspective feels like a line.
Wave goodbye to sense in time.

Jacks in the box but what about poor old Jill.
Did she not make the cut or is there something still?
Merge the pieces or hear the calls.
Each one is from a set of fools.

How’s the day when it’s not left to do its thing?
Haven’t a clue but its clearly flagging.
Too many cooks do spoil the broth.
Then get out the kitchen or face wroth.

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