Know what matters to you the most.
Raise your glass to it and toast.
For your self-worth will remain the key.
Never discard or hand it away for free.
Build your kingdom; see it grow.
Through you life will continually flow.
Yet wounds will come to rip you wide.
Take each one of them in your stride.
Repair and reform but don’t lose hope.
Everything that happens is within your scope.
Capable of being overcome.
Do not give in to that demand to run.
For your wishes are all you need.
Ignore how others might feast on greed.
They are not you and you don’t need them.
Keep a tight hold upon your gem.
It is your world and the days yet to come.
Always remember the beat of your drum,
As it sits deep within your chest.
Those are the only feelings to be possessed.
For they guide and decide what is your route.
Along its path you will find plenty of loot.
That which matters and keeps you merry,
Also it leads you away from the Reaper’s awaiting ferry.

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