Laugh In Denial

Walk to the gates;
When will come the fates?
Laugh in denial;
Beneath the sickened smile.
Subvert and surprise;
Lead them to the rise.
Waiting for the call;
To ignite the ball.

Serenity has come;
Roll out and be done.
When will we answer back?
Our mind is under that!
Crash to the sting;
Are these the doubts you bring?
Cause all that comes is noise,
Killing off the joys.

Examine the fog;
While sinking in the bog.
Losing ground to shade;
They wish to be obeyed.
Dredging up the seas;
Bodies start to freeze.
Fear is striking deep;
Outlook is seeming bleak.

Pressure and refuse;
Why’d you light the fuse?
Hunger coming in;
This is not a win.
Hounded to the edge;
That was the solemn pledge.
Soon it will be done,
Ending us as one.

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