Pollute My Veins

Pollute my veins with your love.
Feels like you were sent from above.
Tight chest and feeling dizzy.
Don’t think my chest has ever felt so busy.

Eyes of grey I can’t escape.
Not a feeling I wish to break.
Smile plastered vast and wide.
So far this has been the best sort of ride.

Speaking sweetly in my ear.
Dispels all forms of potential fear.
With a wink of your eye.
I refuse to depart and wave goodbye.

Is this what heaven feels like?
If so I’ll live it through day and night.
Fixated on every part of you.
I see the look to say you’re doing the same too.

Joy is never far away.
At this rate I’ll never see grey.
I have no issue so let it be.
To me this feels like I am free.

Happiness runs real deep.
Even feel it while I am asleep.
What a success to get to say;
You and me, forever and a day.

Forged in the heat of the sun.
Never can I evade the universe of fun.
You burn like a star and I am in awe.
How could I fail to not love and adore?

Eons of union sound perfect to me.
Because you are the only one I wish to see.
Angel in my midst is best I can say.
This feeling will never fade and drift away.

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