Dip In Your Yield

You speak but I hear no sound.
You could be saying things quite profound.
But I doubt you have that in you.
Instead they’ll be more lies to evade.
It’s what you do best and I won’t lie;
It’s quite impressive how you keep them in line.
If it was me I’d stumble and crash.
Not be capable of building this track.
But then you’re a professional in this field.
Wonder if there will ever be a dip in your yield.

I doubt it.

Weave the threads to form a tale.
All the while I see the glint closing on betrayal.
At one time I would’ve been shocked.
But those days are so long lost.
Rather, I keep my mind most empty.
Give you nothing for you have plenty.
And there you go again with the latest yarn.
It’s as if this is your land to farm.
Quite impressive if you ignore the pain.
Which is monumental I have to exclaim.

I hate it.

Sleight of hand and then you strike.
Yet another strand from you I dislike.
Not going to change so I give up.
Time I get away from the rut.
Put some distance between me and you.
Can’t listen to everything you do.
Too much greed in your pursuits.
Sure it stems back to your roots.
But not for me I have to admit.
Do what you like I’m over all of it.

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