Vile Bloom

You’re so vile in the way you bloom.
Fill every moment with crushing gloom.

Get out and then stay there;
I’m sick of living in fear,
For the words you speak are like poison barbs.
You drive them deep with all your hearts;
Lined up on your sleeve,
I just need some reprieve.
Pause before crescendo.
Signs that I really need to go;

Predatory with the way you go psycho.
Making false claims that you won’t stick to.

Cut loose and keep going;
Your tendencies are showing,
Toothy grin and menacing with your smile.
Rather be locked in with a crocodile;
Ravenous and angry,
Feels like you wish to damn me.
Pump acid into my veins,
Keep me a part of your games;

Rust is engraved right into your actions.
From torment you gain all of the satiafactions.

Pry free and scream to the void;
What I was could be my mean to avoid,
The burning mass you place on my chest.
Soon will suffocate me the best.
Sad but true I have to admit,
Why everything has become conflict.
Drain stabbed into my skin,
All of your venom is doing me in;

Suffocation is your key to the prize.
With you there is never pause of surprise.

Dig deep for the creation of vain;
Shot to the head will only ever mean dead.
But like a phoenix you are refusing to accept;
For all of your crines have been kept.
They adorn these walls as if they’re trophies.
Get these knives from my back;
This again I shall plead.
For the distress has worn me right down;

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