Rather Rejoice

Impatience and entropy.
Why is this what you feast upon so hastily?
Stay your hand and change your route.
Wouldn’t you rather rejoice than be mute?
And no misery is not company.
All it breeds is despair and gluttony.
So lend me your hand to run far and free.
Laugh like children without a care to see.

Silence and uncertainty.
Yes they afflict at times everybody.
But do not feed to birth a monster.
Its not something you should want here.
Instead aim to bring mountains of joy.
That is what you should employ.
Cause turning sore brings forth only pain.
No need to have such things come round again.

Pander and bend the knee.
Not things I ever wish to see.
Rather you should be laughing long.
Enjoying yourself with a merry song.
Get carried away if you will.
Then make sure to simply chill.
For rest is just important as celebration.
So make sure to factor it into the equation.

But now my time has come and gone.
Which means I must travel and carry on.
Just remember the words I did impart.
Make sure you take them to heart.
So when next I pass this way,
I will have chance to see you say;
This is my life and I could not love it more.
Pleased that it never became a chore.

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