Just a little prick and then its done.
No reason to blow it out of proportion.
To your deed and help the collective.
If not the world may end up selective.
A two tiered system of a fresh form.
Not a threat but a potential norm.
No scare tactics but a mountain of judgement.
Cause in my eyes you’re being a selfish rugrat.
Unable to see that we are one in the same.
And that no part of this is a fucking game.
People die if you remain solitary.
By the time you might realise you’ll be on Death’s ferry.

Prey for victims you’ve sentenced.
Because of your self-serving insistence.
Too right you are being blamed.
Don’t expect fifty percent won’t flame,
Call you out for your lack of thought.
Label you a danger to the overall.
It might be your choice but it can still be wrong.
Doesn’t matter where the hell you’re from.
So stop hiding behind conspiracies,
Or some twisted version of religious beliefs.
Its all just excuses for you to do as you please.
And we’ll remind you of that when you begin to wheeze.

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