Sparkling Crown

Cut your crown into your head.
Still desperate to be a monarch.
Craving power and riches.
What you inflict are stitches.
Arrogant and desperate to ascend.
No way do you comprehend,
See past the glamour and the glitz.
Understand that being on a throne has its slips.
Try as we might you heed no words.
Declared all of others are greedy turds.
Adamant we each wish to take your seat.
To be honest we’d each rather be beat.
Do as you wish but don’t say we didn’t tell you though.
You had chances and you let them all go.
Reap what you sow even if the outcome is dust.
This is your payment for squandering trust.
Using the masses to rise and remain.
Desperate to extend your fifteen minutes of fame.
Yet this is not a tale which encompasses just one.
There are many who have risen to claim such a run.
And everytime it ends much as it has here.
Into their body is cast the condemning spear.
Before long you will suffer the same.
Just remember how you once had allies to your name.

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