Look at my face in the mirror with frame.
I see concern is emblazoned by fame.
For upon these shores I never wished to tread.
Honestly all I want is to return to a warm bed.
As my senses are weak and my body is sore.
If I continue to push I may be reduced to gore.
But leave me to recuperate, you refuse to agree.
And so I have to push on in suffocating misery.

My heart is asunder; torn and stuffed with clay.
If only your mind could fathom how to obey.
For these are not unreasonable things that I ask.
Unlike you I cannot continue to bask,
Lay in the heat under the scrutiny of a martyr.
When for my time I should not need to barter.
So this order to pay for what should be my right,
I cannot square away with a commandment to fight.

Beat in my ears is draining me to decay.
Please, all I ask is you simply go far away.
Cause I need some time to reforge my form.
How I exist now is not anything close to a norm.
These are the words I bark into flawless glass.
Giving not a damn if I sound a tad crass.
As dor too long treachery has remained in place.
Until I am fixed, life will remain a shattered disgrace.

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