Serenity In Sound

Sit out in the garden surrounded by grass.
Pluck at the strings of your guitar and bash,
Out a melody which brings you a smile.
Stay here, you sing, I wish to wait a while.
Melancholy and murder have been lost to the crows.
Before too long this green will need to be mowed.
But think on such things you are not inclined to do.
For what you seek is peace in solitude.

Tap your foot lightly against cracled ground.
Flattening a mole hill which is in no way profound.
And still you pick at the strings to elicit a note.
One day you should jot down what you’ve wrote
Not to make a fortune but simply to recall.
Have documentation to revisit that which does enthrall.
For music runs in your veins like blood runs in mine.
Soothes even the savage beast perfectly fine.

Hum to the birds who tweet and twitter.
Beside each other they join in with no hint of being bitter.
For nature like peace is forever in motion.
If you seek it truly then watch something like tje ocean.
For the sways and swells birth sounds so serene.
If you closed your eyes you might think it a dream.
But never forget your gifts and forego,
For they are what keeps you level you know.

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