All The Names

You wanted a bump in the night.
How about I give you that, alright?

Eerie music booms down the road.
Its aim is to scare rather than goad.
You look pretty panicked as I increase my speed.
Time to make you terrified ’til you bleed.

You think me mad while I know better.
Before long you’ll be a blood letter.
Painted, carved, mounted and mourned.
Do not think you’ll end up forlorned?

Stitch the skin right back in place.
Every word you speak increases disgrace.
For your mouth has run on for far too long.
Time to see you skewered upon a two foot prong.

Oh that blood isn’t fake at all.
Come here and I’ll prove it to you.
Cause you’d look pretty covered in balm.
Just better make sure you don’t have an open coffin.

Killer, murderer, claimer of souls.
Had so many names I ran out of scrolls.
Psycho, slayer, thief of life.
Deliver me from evil…
You won’t get out alive!

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