If you want me to be more than I am then i’ll never be enough.
Trying to twist my opinions is not up to snuff.
For I am who I wish to be.
Don’t like it then walk the hell away.
Cause I won’t change just for you.
My life is my world and if you choose me, it comes too.

Staging an intervention hoping to get your sordid little way.
What kind of being do you think will answer such a pray?
I’ll tell you for free that’s it is none.
So stop with the torment, sickening.
And if you can’t deal then talk to me.
Oh wait, its over and I’m back to being happy.

Slag me off and see how much more I couldn’t care less.
One day to someone you’ll wish to confess.
Thankfully it won’t be me who is forced to listen.
Anyway it’ll probably only be to gain a position.
Sway over whoever the poor soul is.
Luckily, I’ll be getting on my with own biz.

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