Pitter and patterThe world a splatterSounds of rainDriving unslainBounce off the wallsAnd the uneven floorsWhile the wind blowsCarrying drops so…They are spread wideNo choice of which sideJust a frequent howlThen a machine gun growlCrash against the paneMore noise againYet somehow it soothesMakes me feel amusedCalm before the stormExcept the threat is goneNow a passage fromContinue reading “Rainstorm”

Summer Rain

The sound of the rainAs it comes down againRelentless in its patterA form of liquid matterCooling to the touchWill not get too muchJust a steady flowThat should never goSoothing to the earsCould listen for many yearsNever be a droneMakes me feel at homeSo listen to the soundAs it comes falling downBut be rest assuredIt isContinue reading “Summer Rain”


Rain on the window paneDark clouds have come againLashing down on all that’s belowEverything continues on thoughAs the water pools and gathersCreating new temporary riversFilled with life that will thriveEven once the storm subsidesWhile the winds howls awaySnapping at the long decayColumns topple to the groundMaking an enormous soundBut most resist against the gustRefusing toContinue reading “Storm”